Privacy Policy

Lioranboard 2 Streamdeck saves on the device the Lioranboard Receiver Login name and Password which you provide for ease of access. No data you provide is shared with 3rd parties or the Lioranboard Dev team. No personnal data is transferred from Lioranboard 2 Receiver to Lioranboard 2 Streamdeck During the use of Lioranboard 2 Streamdeck, ads may be served, the ads served are as recommended by Googld Admod for Lioranboard’s target audience. Google AdMob may or may not collect user data. Google Play Store collects and provides data such as installations, uninstallations, Store Searches, Error logs and country metrics. No user’s personal data is shared to the Lioranboard Team from said metrics. For further information on Google AdMob and Google Play Store privacy policies check Google Privacy Policy